funding your stay in australia

How to finance your stay in Australia as a student

  Studying in Australia is expensive, that is why financial aid is an important source of funding for many students. Showing appropriate funds is also important for your visa application as the Department of Immigration only accepts the proof of funds from a narrow range of sources. As we have […]

New Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships Last updated:  OPENS FEB 2015 Australian Government Bachelors/Masters/PhD Degrees Deadline: varies, Feb-April Study in:  Australia Course starts 2015 Brief description: Australia Awards Scholarships, formerly known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), are scholarships for international students who wants to study in Australian Universities. Scholarship holders are required to return […]

study engineering in Australia

Weekly spotlight: Study Engineering in Australia

  Australian engineering faculties are among some of the best in the world. With a focus on practical application, Australia’s universities have a strong reputation in preparing the student for employment opportunities.   Diploma of Engineering A diploma of engineering is generally a 2 year course and covers the fundamentals […]

Weekly spotlight: Study English in Australia

  Every year increasing numbers of international students choose to study English in Australia. Australia has an international reputation for its high standard of teaching, along with relatively low living and tuition costs. Added to this are the benefits of living on a large island continent that offers an immense […]

learn english in Australia

MBA in australia

Weekly spotlight: Study MBA in Australia

Masters of Business Administration Studying a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is the stepping stone that your business career needs. Designed for people that want to learn about business and management with a multidisciplinary approach. The MBA is a degree that is recognised globally. In Australia, the program of study has […]

Weekly spotlight: Study Law in Australia

Have you every thought about studying law? Studying law in Australia is highly rewarding. Our universities have begun to be recognised as leading universities in the world for their commitment to tradition and innovation. Studying in Australia is beneficial as different universities offer flexible approaches to teaching, research and course offerings. […]

There are no visa fee increases from 1 July 2014

The Department of Immigration and Border Patrol has announced that it will leave the current fees for student visas, as it currently is. The news is a welcome relief for student visa holders that are planning on applying for another student visa when their course finishes. The visa application fee […]

New Student Visa Assessment Levels- what it means to you

The Department of Immigration and Border Patrol announced that the student visa assessment levels (AL) were changing. From 22 March 2014 the department has simplified the AL Framework by removing AL4 and AL5. As a result the AL Framework now comprises three assessment levels (AL1 to AL3) with former AL4 countries/sectors […]